Legendary Content Update

Here are the full patch notes for the Legendary Content Update (v. featuring legendary weapons, a crafting system, reworked stats window and skill gem UI, reworked skills, balancing changes and further highly requested improvements.  With the update lauch we will start Season 6.

Legendary Weapons

With this update we are adding a complete new weapon tier to the game: Legendary Weapons. All weapons in the game receive a legendary tier which not only has a higher base damage but also comes with a skill socket. The skill socket can hold a big variety of different ability skills which can freely be combined with your abilities from the skill tree. This will lead to over 1000 new legendary weapons to hunt for and bring your builds to the next level.

Crafting System

With this update we are introducing a crafting system as well as 3 collectible weapon shards into the game. These weapon shards are rare drops which can be found in every corner of the world granting you new ways to upgrade and modify your weapons.

This are the 3 new introduced weapon shards and what you can use them for.

  • Shard of Power A shard which holds the power to modify the base damage of any weapon.

  • Shard of Quality A shard which holds the potential to transform a normal weapon into a legendary weapon. 

  • Shard of Recast A shard with the power to recast an embedded skill into something new.

Reworked Weapons

All weapons now have random generated damage stats. It is easy to find a weapon with normal base damage but in rare cases you can now find weapons with very high base damage.

New Damage Scaling

Along the random generated attributes we are also changing the damage scaling of skill nodes. In the past it did not make a huge difference how much damage a weapon has dealt because the base damage got quickly overshadowed by the increased damage buffs from the skill tree. With this update we are scaling the increased damage skill nodes based on your weapon base damage. So if you are wielding a dagger with a lower base damage but fast attack speed the increased damage nodes from the skill tree will grant less damage increase compared to wielding the elder club with over 3 times more base melee damage. This should make weapon choices more substantial and not only about their attack speed and range.

Reworked Stats Window

The stats window has shown its age and got completely reworked with unique icons for energy, endurance and dodge. Also the weapon attack cost are now displayed much clearer to make it easier for new players to understand the resource system. The second page of the stats window now has more space to display your active ability skill nodes.

New skill gem filters

You can now use optional category filters on the skill gem UI to quickly find the skill gem you are searching for.

New increased Condition Damage Skill Node

A new increased condition damage skill node has been added to the game which lets you further scale your condition damage. All conditions inflict +50% additional damage per tick and damage stack applied.

  • Ability skill nodes that deal condition damage now also display the total damage per tick considering all skill stacks and increased condition damage nodes.
  • On each new skill tree there will always be a ranged and melee ability node spawned near the centre.
  • You can now search the skill tree with the shortcut CTRL+F and end the search with the return button.
  • Decreased volume of intro cinematic.
  • Weapon stats can now be viewed directly when walking over a weapon without the need to equip it.
  • Weapon stats can now be viewed anytime from the stats or the crafting window.
  • Portals now require to interact to use them. This should prevent not intended interactions when accidentally walking near a portal when during fights.
  • Added a save button in the options menu that simply saves your altered settings, you can use this button if the back button does not automatically save your changed settings.


  • Increased base character movement speed.


  • [Melee Weapon] Hammer: Smash AoE does now scales with player melee damage. Base damage has been increased to 16 (was 10). Hammer attack animation was reworked leading to an overall faster hit attack animation.
  • [Melee Weapon] Elder Club: Decreased attack speed and upated attack animation. Base damage got reduced to 25 (was 30).
  • [Melee Weapon] Greatsword: Base damage got reduced to 18 (was 20).
  • [Ranged Weapon] Unstable Potion: Deals 7 base damage (was 5).
  • [Melee Weapon] Searing Axe: Weapon has been renamed to Ripping Axe.
  • [Melee Weapon] Greatsword: Reduced attack speed of greatsword.

Aeodra Arena

Decreased EXP gain in the Aeodra Arena and increased the item rewards of the Aeodra Arena (weapons, shards, fragments of light). This should make the Aeodra Arena a better farming experience. In general the level based exp gain of the arena reward has been changed to a flat exp gain which still is affected by random exp bonuses on rewards per wave and your current map modifiers.

Increased enemy spawns in the early waves of the Aeodra Arena to make the first waves more challenging.


  • Increased Endurance Regeneration is increased to +60 % (was +50)
  • Increased Energy Regeneration is increased to +60 % (was +50)
  • Decreased the spawn rate of attack speed skill nodes in the skill tree.
  • Increased spawn rate of Projectile Multiplicator skill nodes.
  • Increased spawn rate of Empowered Companions skill nodes.
  • Increased spawn rate of Projectile Damage skill nodes.
  • Empowered companions now has less dodge regeneration malus -15% (was -25%)
  • Increased Dodge Regeneration skill node now increases Dodge Regeneration by +40% (was +20%)
  • Trembling Ground does now trigger 3 On Hit effects instead of On Attack Effects this should also make it possible to combine the attack replacer skill with more other skills.
  • Wind shock has reduced knockback strength.

Legacy Tree

  • Attack speed legacy skill nodes now grant +5% attack speed ( was 3%).
  • Dodge Regeneration legacy skill nodes now grant 15% increased dodge regeneration (was 5%).


  • Increased Gatekeeper max HP.
  • Increased Arda, the fallen max HP.

Drop Chances

  • Increased drop rate of Fragment of Light.
  • Increased drop rate of skill tree shards and map shards.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Skill Ability Flood to only hit enemies once. This mainly affected bosses as only one time damage could be dealt.
  • Fixed a bug which caused set resolution not being saved when entering the options menu from the main menu.
  • Fixed darkness challenge reward window effect scaling on ultra wide monitors.
  • Various smaller bugfixes

Thanks for being part of our game development journey for Striving for Light.

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