Content Update 0.7 Announcement

Content Update 0.7 Release Date

We are happy to announce the release date of the next massive content update for Striving for Light. Content Update 0.7 will be released on the 10th of November 2022.

In advance we are releasing our new cinematic story trailer for Striving for Light which will be the new intro cinematic in the game with the release of the 0.7 content update. The trailer will premiere this evening at 7pm CEST.  Enjoy watching!

New Content

Hall of Persistence

With version 0.7 a new arena mode will be added to Striving for Light which can be accessed during your runs whenever you find a mysterious portal. In the new arena mode you are fighting waves of enemies with a tempting offer after each wave. Choose wisely if you want to accept the reward or continue for even bigger loot.

New story content

With the next big content update we are revamping all of the current story elements as well as all voice acting. You will be able to dive deeper into the story and learn more about the world of Striving for Light. The update also brings an upated dialog system.

Future Pricing

Since our initial Early Access release, less then a year ago, the amount of content has grown tremendously with around 40 released content updates and over 50 smaller updates with improvements and bugfixes. Until now we have not raised the price for Striving for Light. As we are approaching the full release in 2023 we will increase the price as planed and communicated during Early Access and with the final 1.0 release.

The price will increase 1 week after the launch of the 0.7 content update. So that everyone has the possiblity to get the game for the current price.

The price for Striving for LIght will raise from the current $7.99 USD (€6.59) to $10.99 USD (€8.99).

As we move closer to the 10th of November we will share more details about the new arena mode, the new story content as well as all the other new features coming with the 0.7 content update.

You are invited to join our discord and participate in the ongoing development of Striving for Light!

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