Combat Update

With update we are overhauling the combat experience by adding new hit effects and feedbacks like camera shake as well as adding a spatial sound effect system to Striving for Light. We also are adding two new skills with new unique mechanics and a new weapon along some balancing changes and bugfixes.

New Features

Hit Effects

Camera Shake was implemented to increase player feedback of attacks, hits and trigger effects. This will make all attacks feel more impactful. Camera Shake is an optional feature.

To further improve the combat feel distortion effects have been implemented for all hit effects as well as for some triggered skill effects.

Spatial Sound Effects

All sound effects are now spatial sound effects. Shooting projectiles or throwing your melee weapon will now move the sound source with the object leading to a much more immersive sonic experience.

New Skills

Fragmentation - Triggered from all attacks

Defeated enemies create 4 projectiles in random directions dealing 10 damage.

Flood - Permanent Effect

Each 6 seconds a flood  is erupting from you, dealing 20 damage to surrounding enemies. Damage is scaling with your melee damage.

New Weapon

Unstable Potion - Ranged Weapon

30% chance to explode on enemy hit leaving a poisoned area behind. Poison deals 10 damage each 3 seconds for maximum duration of 9 seconds.


  • Added plenty of new sound effects and reworked plenty of older sound effects.
  • Player character in combination with the camera movement is now more responsive.
  • Improved sound effect mix down.
  • Improved skill effect vfx by adding new distortion effects.
  • Improved On Death Skill spawn performance.


  • [Dagger] Reduced melee damage to 8 (was 10)
  • [Light Staff] Increased projectile speed to 400 (was 300)
  • [Darkness Staff] Increased projectile speed to 350 (was 250)


  • Fixed a bug which caused condition damage to not get updated correctly leading to lower condition damage.
  • Fixed a bug when aiming with the right thumb stick on the controller which made projectiles and attacks go in unexpected directions. (v.

Thanks to everyone providing helpful feedback, which is what drives the development forward! You are invited to join our discord and participate in the ongoing development of Striving for Light!

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