Local Coop-Mode

With Update we are adding an extensive new feature to Striving for Light. A local multiplayer coop-mode. And here is how it looks in action.

New Features

Local Coop-Mode

You will now find a mysterious stone in town. Interacting with this stone lets you synchronise your actions with the humming of the stone to connect with another player to start the local coop-mode. Starting the coop mode will slightly empower enemies. You can enter and exit the new coop-mode also no existing runs whenever and however you like. You can activate coop for an already existing run play in coop for a few hours and then turn of coop and continue solo.

In this coop mode each player gets a specific role (range or melee) and the skill tree as well as the resources are shared between both players. Therefore strategic gameplay as well as a new way of theorycrafting your builds is mandatory to master the coop-mode.

Coop-Mode for now will not get an own leaderbord as balancing should mostly remain comparable with the non-coop mode.


  • Fixed wrong displayed melee weapon damage in weapon pick up stats
  • Improved layering in gatekeeper arenas to make all skill effects visible. Some skills previously got hidden behind the ground layer of the gatekeeper arena.
  • Fixed lightning staff projectiles not triggering scattering projectiles or other projectile related skills.
  • Fixed a crash related to skill gem placement on controller input.

Thanks to everyone providing helpful feedback, which is what drives the development forward! You are invited to join our discord and participate in the ongoing development of Striving for Light!

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Version Sep 25, 2022
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Version Sep 25, 2022

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