Legacy Content Update

The Legacy content update is our largest update for Striving for Light to date. The update features an extensive new meta progression system, 6 new challenging gatekeepers all with their own unique weapon drops, a map progression system along 3 new maps to explore filled with new enemies & bosses to hunt down. We are introducing new "Meteor" skills, some improvements to the controller support and requested chinese language support.

With the Legacy content update the EA-Season 2 will start.

Legacy Progression System

You can now visit the Tree of Light to sacrifice light to gain permanent power ups which carry over between all future runs. The Tree of Light can also be found on certain maps. The special thing about the new progression system is that you can dynamically change the Tree of Light on each run to match your current build or to compensate missing stats.

Map progression system

Each time you have defeated the endboss-gatekeeper you will unlock a new map which opens a new pathway on your next playtrough.

New Maps

3 new maps have been added. Each map comes with 2 new unique enemies and 2 new map bosses.




New soundtracks

Over 12 minutes of music have been added to the soundtrack of Striving for Light. Each new map has its own unique music.

New Gatekeepers

All dungeon levels now have a unique gatekeeper. In total 6 new gatekeeper bosses have been added. Each gatekeeper comes with a unique possible weapon drop.

New Gatekeepers Weapons

New Skills

Meteor Blow

Your melee attacks have a 30% chance to cast a meteor to a random area in your surroundings. Dealing 2 damage and applying a knockback to enemies. Meteor size scales with your AoE size.

Meteor Cast

Your range attacks have a 50% chance to cast a meteor to a random area in your surroundings. Dealing 2 damage and applying a knockback to enemies. Meteor size scales with your AoE size.

Reworked Town Visuals

Chinese Language Support

Added chinese (simplified) language support.

Controller Support

Added virtual keyboard for gamepad to allow text input without needing to switch back to the keyboard.

  • Endgame maps now have diverse background parallax effects like the themed maps in the early game
  • When starting the game the save file from your last run will be loaded automatically. So no need to switch to online mode on each game start anymore.
  • The ladders in the hidden super boss arena now also need a confirmation to leave the arena similar to the ladders to enter the arena
  • New and improved player minimap icon
  • Improved performance for the huge skill trees and projectiles
  • Language selection does now use translated language names instead of only abbreviations

  • Enemies now all have the same base HP for endgame scaling (enemies had their standard base HP which was used for endgame scaling)
  • Adjusted gatekeeper exp and hp to allign them with new added gatekeepers

  • Fixed a bug which caused the online mode tutorial window to pop up everytime
  • Fixed lost focus on main menu when navigating with keyboard or gamepad
  • Fixed copying save state into new online league save file
  • Fixed missplaced light occluder of tutorial spider boss
  • Fixed layer issue for the gatekeeper ancient tree
  • Fixed an issue which did not update the tutorials according to the current input type for gamepads

Thanks for everyone providing helpful feedback, which is what drives the development forward! You are invited to join our discord and participate in the ongoing development of Striving for Light!

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