EA Public League Season 1

With update we are kicking off the early access public league season 1. This update brings a variety of highly requested improvements, balancing changes and bugfixes.

The well tested online mode is now getting increased visibility by a dedicated tutorial window introducing players to the online functionalities. How long would you wish a league season should be until the next one starts?

  • Public League Season 1 has started. Enter the new season from the main menu.
  • Added captured hearts for various gatekeeper boss fights.

  •  [Skill] Charge: Charge now scales the size of summoned pets like the spider companions from the emerald staff.

  • Added a tutorial window in the main menu to introduce players to the online mode.
  • Added a new setting in the options menu which lets you automatically pause the game when the game window loses focus (This seemed to cause some OBS capturing issues before, let us know if those issues still occur)

  • Added [Stackable] tag to ability skill tooltips to display stackability
  • Fixed cut off numbers in stats window for regeneration stats
  • The darkness skill gem event reward window now has a 1 second delay until a reward can be chosen to prevent accidental picks
  • Improved projectile scattering angles for all scatter skills so that projectiles don't overlap (

  • Condition stacks now only get halved between damage intervals instead reset back to 1 stack. This should help upkeeping a higher amount of condition damage when mainly playing condition builds. (
  • Increased enemy Hp scaling to compensate for gained exp frenzy bonus
  • Frenzy mode exp bonus does now scale slower the higher it gets

  • Fixed crash when picking up two weapons at once
  • Fixed crash when using emerald stuff to summon spider companions with charge range attack modifier active
  • Fixed not refreshed tooltips when using shard of change on a skill node multiple times
  • Fixed gatekeeper portal in endless maps switching to normal portal in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug which caused melee scattering sweep and scattering hit to interact with each other and wrongly prevent a skill effect from being spawned (
  • Fixed a bug which caused duplicated save games when entering a new league (
  • Fixed double hit not scaling when multiple double hits are active (

Thanks for everyone providing helpful feedback, which is what drives the development forward! You are invited to join our discord and participate in the ongoing development of Striving for Light!

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