With update we are adding a bunch of highly requested QoL improvements to Striving for Light. The update brings, a new game camera zoom function, mouse button support for key rebinds, improved dodge and player hit feedback.

  • Added in game zoom function. You can now use the mouse wheel to zoom the game camera in and out. Its also possible to rebind thes zooming keys in the key rebind menu.

  • Added tutorial for using skill shards. When you first collect a shard you will see a tutorial window in the skilltree explaining where to access them and how to use them.

  • Improved dodge acceleration to make the dodge overall feel more responsive
  • Improved dodge VFX to make the dodge more responsive

  • You can now rebind keys to mouse buttons
  • Increased player hit VFX size for improved player hit feedback
  • Increased base player movement speed to 320 (was 300)

  • Fixed inconsitent spawn and animation interruption of Bleeding Swirl and Bleeding Blade skills

Thanks for everyone providing helpful feedback, which is what drives the development forward! You are invited to join our discord and participate in the ongoing development of Striving for Light!

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Version Jul 13, 2022
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Version Jul 13, 2022

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